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Military Gifts - American Gifts

Help Students Feed America's Hungry
From $10
Super Cozy™ Fleece American Heart Jacket
From $13.8
Help Americans in Need Feed Their Pets
From $10
American Flag iPhone 4 Case
From $4.8
American Heartland Sterling Necklace
From $9.8
American Heart Yellow Ribbon Crystal & Sterling Necklace
From $9.8
American Flag Bandana
From $4.95
God Bless America Garden Flag
From $12.95
American Flag Insulated Shopping Totes - Set of 2
From $16.95
American Flag KeyZe Keychain Clip
From $1.8
America's Finest Hooded Sweatshirt
From $28.95
Colors: Gray, Blue
Soaring Eagle & American Flag T-Shirt
From $19.95
American Flag Wool Earflap Hat
From $9.8
American Flags & Hearts Charm Bracelet
From $9.95
American Flag Adhesive Bookmarks
From $1.8
Lucky to Live in America Tee
From $14.95
America the Beautiful Tee
From $7.8
American Flag Flip Flops
From $3.8
America's Finest T-Shirt
From $16.95
America in My Heart Yellow Ribbon Necklace
From $9.95
Zack & Zoey® America's Pup Dog Tee
From $13.95
Angel with American Flag Pin
From $6.95
Operation Sandwich - Fight Hunger in America
From $2
American Pride Everest Backpack
From $17.8
Dental and Eye Exams for Americans in Need
From $28
American Worry No More Doll
From $1.8
Help America's Horses: Support Low-Cost Gelding
From $10
Americana Hanging Art Bird Feeder
From $21.95
Protect American Wolves
From $16
God Bless America Wall Art
From $5.8
American Eagle T-Shirt
From $9.8
American Flag Sterling Egg Necklace
From $69.95
America in My Heart Sterling Necklace
From $6.8
Veteran-Made American Flag Pin
From $5.95
Spirit of America Suncatcher Ornament
From $12.95
Pallets of Pet Food for American Shelters
From $9